SG-E helps companies from Switzerland and Liechtenstein to develop and expand their activities abroad. This acts as a powerful impetus to foreign trade. As a result of a decision made by the Swiss parliament on 1st January 2008, SG-E is to become the umbrella organization for the promotion of exports, imports and investments, as well as for the promotion of Switzerland as a business location, making it "The home of foreign trade promotion".

SG-E offers the following services:
Export promotion: Helping SMEs in Switzerland and Liechtenstein discover and identify opportunities for selling products and services, in parallel with private initiatives in this area. Positioning Swiss exporters as competitive providers.
Import promotion: Promoting access to both Swiss and European markets for export-quality goods produced by SMEs in the countries where SECO is concentrating its efforts. Increasing competitiveness in these countries from the point of view of production.

Location promotion: Implementing measures designed to promote Switzerland as a business location and encourage foreign companies to settle there.
Investment promotion: Promoting investments in selected developing countries. Making certain strategic countries a more attractive target for foreign direct investment by helping develop an effective local framework for promoting the location.

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