Who we are

In 1974 it was founded the Swiss Colombian Circle, thanks to the spirit and enthusiasm of Swiss and Colombian citizens. Later, in 1985 it assumed its current name, the Swiss Colombian Chamber of Commerce (CCCS).

It is a non-profit entity whose main function is to act as a commercial bridge between both countries, as well as to join companies based in Colombia that have commercial links with Switzerland, either in its condition as subsidiaries of their headquarters or because they have succeeded in opening markets in the Alpine country.

Its corporate purpose and main objectives are:

  • To assist the development and promotion of business, economical and industrial contacts, between Switzerland and Colombia for all entrepreneurs, scientists and representatives of projects and activities of mutual interest.
  • To promote and enhance trade and economic relations between Swiss and Colombian companies, including advising on potential sales or investment opportunities in both countries.
  • To represent official and private Swiss entities.
  • To coordinate and encourage initiatives in order to undertake projects related to business, culture, environment and economic affairs between them.
  • To encourage and develop any kind of activity that promotes good international and binational relations.
  • To provide all kind of services which facilitates to its members the establishment and operation of enterprises and commercial, technical, scientific and cultural projects.
  • To edit and distribute publications with proper characteristics.
  • To execute all those lawful acts aimed at improving the performance of its main purposes, always bearing in mind its essential characteristics of civil nonprofit association.

Currently, the Chamber has 72 members among multinational corporations, small and medium-sized Swiss and Colombian companies and individuals that have some link with Switzerland.

In order to accomplish its objectives, the Chamber focuses its work on two specific aspects:

Trade Association

To strengthen ties between members, the Chamber promotes links that concrete business between companies. In addition, also to promote relations with its high-level managers and / or chairpersons.

Commercial Assistance

Being this its primary mission, the Chamber has contacts at private and government level in Switzerland and Colombia, as well as excellent databases that enable it to provide business information, to seek representatives and / or representations of companies, products and services, to organize trade missions and to participate in fairs and events in both countries, among others. We seek to meet the members’ needs assigned to our institution through the organization.


To facilitate Swiss Colombian trade; to establish relationships, to provide information and to represent Swiss entities, as well as being a multifunctional center of services in the context of economical, industrial, commercial and cultural relations between Switzerland and Colombia.


Being the preferred channel to boost business between Colombia and Switzerland, through an attractive portfolio of services, generating sustainability to the organization. The chamber will be a facilitator of business relationships and information among its members.