Lunch for Swiss Seniors

More than a decade ago, the Swiss Colombian Chamber of Commerce along with the Swiss Embassy, the Swiss Club and the Helvetia School collaboration, organizes a special lunch for the Swiss people living in Colombia who are over 65 years.
This event is celebrated every year for Christmas Eve, and involves an average of 70 Swiss seniors. The lunch is a space of meeting and fellowships in which Helvetians enjoy an afternoon filled with pleasant surprises and get united with old friends and fellows.
After lunch, there is a traditional raffle of different articles, which are donated by several companies. This day is one of the most special occasions to smile and share.

Further information: proyectos@colsuizacam.com

Business Breakfasts

The feature that highlights these breakfasts is the presence of a prominent personality in different fields of national level, who develops a presentation on any topic of the current national events, whether political, economical or other.

Thus, while the assistants enjoy the first meal of the day, they also have the opportunity to participate in this conference, which stands out to promote issues of interest to businessmen and traders.
During the year, we set up three business breakfasts.

Further information: proyectos@colsuizacam.com